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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
We are particularly pleased to welcome you to the website of the Belgian Serbian Business Association (BSBA).

The BSBA wants to create a forum for the Belgian-Serbian economic community in the country. That is why we are inviting relevant people according to two criteria. On the one hand all Belgian business people who live and work in Serbia, whether as expatriates or as residents, and on the other hand those business people who represent or express Belgian business interests in this country, whether they are Serbian or have another nationality. The Belgian Serbian Business Association is a business club which meets on a regular basis. The common language among us is English, so we conduct our meetings in English.

We want to develop in Serbia the links between Belgian business people, business people representing Belgian interests, business people from Belgium and Serbia with general mutual interests and with the Belgian Embassy in Belgrade, including the offices of the economic and commercial attaché. We also want to pay attention to social and cultural issues, all in the framework of European Integration. We certainly don’t want to be just a talking club. There are enough of those already and we all have too busy schedules to indulge in that. We want this Belgian Serbian Business Association to create added value for all of its members.

The bottom-line is this: the Belgian Serbian Business Association is here for you. It is up to the members, to tell us what they expect from it, what they want it to become. Enjoy your stay on the site and we hope that you will find it interesting enough to join us.

Hugo A.M. van Veghel, PhD Chairman

The Belgian Serbian Business Association is the heart of a growing network with access to a variety of companies and institutions directly involved with prospects and business in Serbia and in Belgium.

The association seeks:

  • To promote the commercial, industrial, scientific, financial, educational and tourism co-operation.
  • Exchanging information through its website, etc…
  • Developing contacts between Belgian and Serbian companies through regular meetings, seminars, workshops and delegations.
  • Supporting organisations, working on activities with Serbia in various fields: economic, transport, social, educational, tourism etc…
  • The Association will try to obtain advantages for business travellers to and from Serbia on airlines and hotel chains for its members.


Honorary President
H.E Koen Adam
Belgian Ambassador to Serbia

Hugo van Veghel

Vice Chairman
Patrick Geeraert

Supervisory board
Marija Tasić
Mirko Golijanin

Honorary President
H.E. Marina Jovićević
Serbian Ambassador to Belgium

Executive Director
Milica Vranjanac

Honorary members for life
Vladimir Majstorović † 2011
Denise De Hauwere

Vladimir Brkić

Honorary member
Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Members of the board
Marijana Milošević Tufegdžić, Economic & Trade Counsellor
Ana Bovan
Slobodan Leso
Dirk Theunissen


Membership is open to Belgian expatriates as well as persons who represent or express Belgian business interests in this country, whether they are Serbian or have another nationality. The cost of the annual membership is depending on the desired membership level and is starting at 100€ /year. The fiscal year runs from January till December. Activities are conducted in English.

You can register as a member by contacting us by Email, through our contact form or by telephone +381 (0)65 2139213.

We are looking forward to welcoming you very soon!


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Belgian Serbian Business

Belgijsko srpska poslovna

Koce Kapetana 30/I app 2,
11000 Beograd - Belgrade
Srbija - Serbia

Contact person:

    Milica Vranjanac, Executive Director
    +381 (0)65 2139213

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