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Organizing thematic events
by inviting guest speakers

Offering case studies

Exchanging experiences and best practices

Creating a meeting platform with the Serbian authorities


The Belgian Serbian Business Association is the heart of a growing network with access to a variety of companies and institutions directly involved with prospects and business in Serbia and in Belgium. We want to develop in Serbia the links between Belgian business people, business people representing Belgian interests, business people from Belgium and Serbia with general mutual interests and with the Belgian Embassy in Belgrade, including the offices of the economic and commercial attaché. We also want to pay attention to social and cultural issues, all in the framework of European Integration. We certainly don’t want to be just a talking club. There are enough of those already and we all have too busy schedules to indulge in that. We want this Belgian Serbian Business Association to create added value for all of its members… Read more

Promotion of co-operation
between Belgium and Serbia

Developing contacts
between Belgian and
Serbian companies

Exchaning information
through this website

Supporting organisations
and working on various
activities with Serbia

Obtaining advantages
for business travellers to
and from Serbia

Commercial, industrial,
financial,educational and
tourism co-operation

Members’ working lunch “The Strategic Business Model of the Blue Economy” (28 Nov. 2017)

Click here to download the report. Click here to see some of the evenings’ captured...

CorD magazine Special edition on Belgium

Please take a look at our interviews below. Click here to take a look at the whole Cord...

BSBA Presentation/Workshop on the Strategic Business Model of the Blue Economy, by Sistem Ekofungi, one of the leading Blue Economy practitioners

Objectives Promoting the Blue Economy, its ideology, principles and strategy for setting up business models, not just from the theoretical point of view, but also from various practical examples that have been realized till now. Presenting main principles and...

Foreign Investors Council White Book 2017

The complete publication of the Foreign Investors Council White Book 2017 can be downloaded via the FIC web-site in both English and Serbian language Click here to download in English. Click here to download in Serbian. We sincerely hope that the White Book 2017 will...

BSBA member meeting on “Leading Tax Optimization Strategies in the field of employment”

The residence of the Belgian Ambassdor was again the décor for an interesting members meeting in which we discussed “Leading Tax Optimization Strategies in the field of employment”. The presentation and discussion were in the hand of Milos Dosen. Members did not only...

Belgium’s Elicio completes construction of Malibunar wind farm – Test operations in November, value of investment EUR 14 million

Elicio has completed the construction of the Malibunar wind farm with four turbines with 8 MW of total capacity. The expected annual production of the wind farm is 25 GWh, sufficient for supplying 7,200 households, whereas the CO2 emission will also be reduced by...

Member’s Evening 2017

September 27th 2017 – The Belgian-Serbian Business Association held its Annual Members’ Evening to thank its members and friends for their continued support and dedication, the Board of Directors organized, now already traditional, Members’ Evening, at the IN Hotel,...

BSBA Newsletter – August 2017

Dear Friends, This summer reminded me of an old Flemisch movie “De Witte” (1934, remake 1980), based on the work of Ernest Claes. The summer was burning hot and children were swimming in the local river. But the farmer’s environment showed that despite the...

BSBA Newsletter – April 2017

Word of the Chairman: We hope that the year started well for all of you. It again will be a year with new changes, expectations and challenges. The EU accession process moves forward, positive signals are also vowed by an IMF support mission that visited the country....


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