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Organizing thematic events
by inviting guest speakers

Offering case studies

Exchanging experiences and best practices

Creating a meeting platform with the Serbian authorities


The Belgian Serbian Business Association is the heart of a growing network with access to a variety of companies and institutions directly involved with prospects and business in Serbia and in Belgium. We want to develop in Serbia the links between Belgian business people, business people representing Belgian interests, business people from Belgium and Serbia with general mutual interests and with the Belgian Embassy in Belgrade, including the offices of the economic and commercial attaché. We also want to pay attention to social and cultural issues, all in the framework of European Integration. We certainly don’t want to be just a talking club. There are enough of those already and we all have too busy schedules to indulge in that. We want this Belgian Serbian Business Association to create added value for all of its members… Read more

Promotion of co-operation
between Belgium and Serbia

Developing contacts
between Belgian and
Serbian companies

Exchaning information
through this website

Supporting organisations
and working on various
activities with Serbia

Obtaining advantages
for business travellers to
and from Serbia

Commercial, industrial,
financial,educational and
tourism co-operation

Announcement: Presentation on “Business Opportunities for Belgian Companies in Serbia”

We have a great pleasure to invite you to the presentation on “Business Opportunities for Belgian Companies in Serbia” jointly organised by the Development Agency of Serbia, Economic and Trade Office - Embassy of Belgium, The Embassy of Belgium in Serbia and the...

BSBA – The Embassy of Belgium End of The Year Reception

The Annual General Assembly of the Belgian-Serbian Business Association (BSBA), held on December 12 and as always supported by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium, was another succesful event by which the BSBA closed its activities for 2018. Please click here to...

Meet METECH in Smederevo

Meet Metech in Smederevo:...

INTERVIEW | Rajko Marić, Honorary Consul of Slovenia in Serbia

For almost a decade now, Rajko Marić has been the Honorary Consul of Slovenia in Serbia. For the last five years, he performs two more functions in Brussels, at the World Federation of Consuls (www.ficacworld.org). He was appointed the Regional President for Eastern...

THE CLUB OF ROME CLIMATE EMERGENCY PLAN – A Collaborative Call for Climate Action

“Climate change is now reaching an end-game scenario, where very soon humanity must choose between taking unprecedented action, oraccepting that it has been left too late and bear the consequences”. — Leading climate scientist Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber Director...

FIC White Book 2018

FIC White Book 2018: Gives overview of the current situation of the legislative framework in a large number of fields Tracks developments in all important segments of regulatory framework: from overall legal framework, corporate law, competition...

Živković Samardžić celebrates 20th anniversary

Živković Samardžić, one of the Serbia’s leading full-service independent law firms, has celebrated its 20th anniversary at an event, organized on October 4th at DorcolPlatz in Belgrade. The firm that was founded in 1998, as a two partners boutique active in media and...

Focus on Belgium 2018

To take a look at the web edition of the "Focus on Belgium 2018", please click here. Please click here if you want to download the edition in...

Event: Business Breakfast, by Confida Consulting d.o.o. and Gebrüder Weiss

Dear BSBA Members, It is our pleasure to invite you to the annual Autum Working Breakfast organised by Confida Consulting d.o.o. and Gebrüder Weiss supported by the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy, the Belgian Serbian Business Association, German-Serbian...


POTPISAN JPP UGOVOR SA REGIONALNIM CENTROM HALOVO Predstavnici grada Zaječara potpisali su 23. oktobra ugovor o javno-privatnom partnerstvu sa predstavnicima konzorcijuma koji čine renomirana advokatska kancelarija Tasić&Partneri (T&P) iz Beograda,...


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